Production and Mix Services

We offer a full music production service, overseen by producer Rupert Withers.  Rupert has produced music for such acts as Vixen, Sham 69, Weapon, Statetrooper and Natisse to name but a few and has had a long career as both a recording and live sound engineer.  As a result of this, he has also been responsible for a number of live albums, most notably Vixen’s Live in Sweden.

Utilising both the mobile studio and the Vigilante studio, we can record and mix to the highest standard.  We can take on a project at any stage, even if its just for a mix project with material already recorded.

The studio uses the latest Protools software (Protools 11), in addition to top of the range plug ins, including Waves, Amplitube, Ozone 6, and Antarres autotune.  We have a range of microphones, including Rode and Shure.

The studio also houses an old school Alesis electronic drum kit, fully midi capable, and including various pads (Alesis, Simmons etc).  Other hardware includes Marshall 9000 preamp, Korg M1 keyboard, and ART preamps.


We can offer a full range of Mastering services for CD and download.  We are an Apple authorised studio for their Mastering for iTunes service, which means that we are able to create high quality download masters in addition to CD masters.  All Masters are done to Red book standard and can include ISRC and CD Text insertion as required. 

For Mastering we have the latest mastering software, including Ozone 6 and T Racks plug ins, in addition to various Waves mastering plug ins. 

We can offer an online service for both mastering and mixing.

Mobile Studio

As a Tascam endorsee, we are able to offer our mobile studio to record bands with up to 28 Tracks. 

This means that we are perfectly suited to record live albums (in fact, contact us and ask about our live album package, which will record, mix and master your live album).  We have a lot of experience in doing this and can work easily with the live engineer on your gig without getting in the way, or placing additional microphones on the stage.  We take a multitrack feed either from the stage multicore, or the front of house desk, whilst placing additional microphones in the venue to record the ambient sound and audience. 

This set up also means that we can bring the studio to rehearsal rooms (or even your sitting room) to record bands.  We have successfully done this on a number of occasions, to record full albums, or just demos.

We have recorded a number of bands with the mobile Studio, including Crimes of Passion, Tom Fuller Band, therapy? And Weapon (All the drums for the new Weapon studio album were recorded in the drummers sitting room, with a full acoustic drum kit!)

If required we can also arrange for multi camera video shoots, editing and authoring services

Voice Overs/ Advert creation for Radio / Audio restoration / Format Conversions

With our studio in sunny Buckinghamshire, we can also help you with all your audio needs.  

Voice overs for adverts or spoken word recordings and easily recorded in our comfortable, low pressure environment.  Our quality microphones and preamps are conducive to creating clean, crisp recordings.  We recently recorded a complete set of hypnotherapy CDs to the delight of the client who stated that it was the best recording that he had done.  We can also arrange for licensing of music for use in adverts, or even for the creation of bespoke music. 

We have software in the studio to restore audio files.  Maybe you have an old recording that needs remastering, or are just noisy and crackly … we may be able to help. 

Finally, we can do audio format conversions.  We regularly work for some of the biggest CD manufacturing plants, creating CD masters for their clients from a variety of different source materials, or even just converting your CDs to MP3

Duplication and Replication

We can offer printed CD duplication (usually up to 100 units) in house, and can offer larger run replication at competitive prices.

For more information, please contact Rupert Withers at Vigilante Music, on 01753 424293, 07766 345222, or